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۞   About AEM   ۞

Energy Healing, Myofascial Release, Yoga, Massage Therapy,  Nutritional and Life Coaching, Spiritual Counseling, Public Speaking


The AEM method developed by Keri Campbell is a blend of many therapies. Every AEM healing session includes Myofascial Release Therapy, Energy Healing, and Tuning Fork Therapy. Through this technique, the physical restrictions begin to release allowing a greater flow of energy through the body and jump-starting the body's own ability to heal.


Scientifically...we are vibrational if certain parts of our body are vibrating at a less than desirable rate the opportunity for disease to enter becomes available. Through the hands-on applied techniques of Advanced Energy Medicine™ and the open willingness of you, the client, the vibrational levels in the body can be brought up to a point were disease and illness are no longer able to survive.  View our services page for more information.


Our emotions and thoughts have a huge influence on the health of our bodies. By creating a clear solid channel for divine unconditional love and healing vibration we can work together to bring your energy field up to a rate of health, happiness, and the potential freedom from pain. 

AEM founder Keri Campbell has been called "a gifted healer...a therapist that truly listens to you and your body's wisdom to help facilitate healing on a deep level."

Education and Certifications

Licensed Massage Therapist WA state

Keri graduated from the Ahern School of Massage Therapy and has been a  licensed massage therapist since 2013. Specializing in the John Barnes Method of Myofascial Release.

Certified Myofascial Release Therapist

Certification in the John Barnes Method of Myofascial Release since 2015.

Certified Yoga Instructor through Lahiri School of Yoga

Keri has been teaching for 15 years; she has taken advanced training with Shiva Rae and has attended many workshops with Rodney Yee and Saune Corn. Her experience ranges from owning her own studio in Colorado Springs, working with the Olympic Athletes at the training center in CO, teaching special needs classes, to advanced vinyasa yoga, restorative and hatha yoga.

Usui and Holy Fire Reiki Master

Keri is forever grateful for having the opportunity to study and train with a very gifted group of healers from the UK and Marin Co CA at Applied Energy Flow. She received her Master Level through Quantum Energy Arts 

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